Ateliers François s.a. - AF Compressors AF Main factory is located in Liege Belgium.

AF ‘Sister company for the After Sales Head Office and Major Spares Shop separate from the factory is 100% dedicated to the after sales activity.

CSP S.A. in Alleur / Liege Belgium AF SUBSIDIARIES ENSURES Local Commercial and technical support with local SPARES SHOPS, local technicians. AF MEXICO, AF MIDDLE EAST, AF SHANGHAI, AFUSA, AFRUS, AF POLAND, AF TURKEY, AFINDIA…

AF AGENCIES are 100% trained for the 40 bar air piston compressors. They also ensure local SPARES available on their local market. The Philippines, Greece, Argentina, Algeria, Lebanon… Our customers and references are most renown blow moulder manufacturers, Engineering offices, the mineral, spring and drinking water providers as well as the major soft drinks producers…

Juices, breweries, edible oil, milk, and all other existing PET applications, FOOD or Non Food industries.

Experience’s heritage in compressed air since 1870.

AF, a privately owned company was formed in Liège in 1870, to produce pneumatic hammers used for tunnelling in the local mining industry. In the early 1900’s we were manufacturing reciprocating compressors for the coal industry. During the decades that followed, our company continued to develop its heavy duty compressors especially for the steel industry. After 1960 when Ateliers François SA was formed, a range of oil free reciprocating compressors with PTFE piston rings was developed and successfully used in the brewing, chemical and food industries.

With the emergence of the PET industry in the early 1980’s along with a constant Research & Development philosophy, and thanks to our numerous subsidiaries, our customers are today benefiting of all thisexperience in 135 different countries throughout the world.