BERTOLI HOMOGENIZERS designs and builds Homogenizers and High Pressure Pumps in 1974 in Parma, Italy.

Homogenizers and high pressure pumps Bertoli, designed and built in accordance with European standards, and in accordance with the various content of the product and technological requirements of the customers, can be used in the treatment of a wide range of products, and have the following benefits:

  • High level of homogenization, micronization and provides high product stability, improves the structure and organoleptic characteristics and retains the properties of the product;
  • Plant reliability and ease of maintenance;
  • Low-noise
Range of our products represented in single-stage homogenizers and pumps in hygienic design with fixed performance, also available with additional options:
  • - Two-stage homogenization;
  • - Aseptics for sterilized and UHT products;
  • - Adjustable output (mechanical, hydraulic, electronic);
  • - The use valves of homogenizing , made of tungsten carbide for products causing increased wear.