Chemical fillers suitable for:
- household chemical product;
- automotive products (windsheilds washers)
- highly corrosive fluids;
- flamambel liquids for PET, plastic and glass bottles.
Fillers produce as monoblock with filling and closure options.

The quantity of filling valves can be 3-12 (linear) or (24- 36) where fillers can product up to 300 bottles 0,6lt per minute.
Volume of bottles is
0,2-1,0 Lt (glass)
0,2-5,0 Lt (PET)

- Stainless Steel construction
- Allen Bradley or Siemens PLC controls
- Variable frequency drive Touchscreen
- Infeed and discharge conveyor controls for filler start and stop
- On/off switches, emergency stop button
- Safety guarding made of polycarbonate

Option under request:
- Ready for CIP;
- Titanium parts for highly corrosive luquids;

Linker manufactures and supplies a wide range of equipment suitable for filling of cosmetics, household and industrial chemistry. We offer machines for volumetric dosing, flowmetric dosing and dosing by weight.

For foamy products we use our linear volumetric and flowmetric machines, applying no-contact bottom filling with nozzles completely sunk below the product level and constantly moving up with it during filling.

For cleaning detergents and industrial chemicals like motor oils, glass cleaning products, radiator fluids and brake fluids for automobiles, etc. the optimal solution are the weight filling machines, supplied as a multibloc system with the desired closure method, servodrive cappers. The filling lines are integrated with labeling machines for self-adhesive, hotmelt UNO or Mega series. We make solutions complete by supplying our group-packing machines – the thermo-shrinkable foil packer SRNA | ECAS series and the cardboard box packer DNC series.



6.000 - 54.000 BPH for 500 ml

Rinsing and spraying water consumption

~ 0.3 m3/h

Compressed air demand

15 (30) m3/h at 6 bar

Supply voltage

3 x 400 V, 50 Hz

Supply voltage of control system

24 V DC

Power rating

3 - 48 kW

Protection of mains

25 A

Degree of machine protection IP


Noise level

≤ 78 dbA

Dimensions (L x W x H)

3000 (6000) x 2000 (4000) x 3000 mm


3000 - (7000)  kg