Equipment for beverage factories

Our range of palletizer robots has been created to adapt to the needs of the customer according to the load to be palletized. Fitted with 4 axis of movement geared by NC programming. It is also fitted with safety and anti-intrusion barriers for accident prevention. The head is adjusted according to the product to be palletized, offering solutions with vacuum cups, grippers, clamps, shovels, etc. and according to the production, with the capacity to handle more than one product with each operation.


Identification of automation needs with industrial robots- Integration regardless of brand or as per customer’s preference
- Selecting the most appropriate model of robot
- Design and manufacturing of the gripping head depending on the application
- Installation and Programming
- Integration with the rest of the installation
- Training and end-user training


Handling, casepacking and palletizing Of products from manufacturing lines: boxes, bags, bottles, cans, etc. Applied to di erent sectors and activities. 
Heads for performing multivariety of tasks 
The complexity of this process can be very variable, from the simplest case in which the robot picks up and places products in a predetermined position, to those applications where the robot requires external sensors such as vision, to determine the collecting position and positioning of products.



- Roller conveyors, chain, hinge- Wrapping machines
- Case Formers 
- Transfers 
- Turntables 
- Elevators 
- Dispensers / pallet stackers 
- Protection and safeties 
- Communication and networking with production control systems