WATER SYSTEMS manufactures flash pasteurizing units for the pasteurization of the end product (beer, soft drink, fruit juice, etc.) and for the heat treatment of concentrated syrup and fruit pulp for drinks preparation.

The units designed for the pasteurization of carbonated products are equipped with an automatic equipment for the CO2 pressure maintaining and with sanitary design lobes pumps ensuring a gentle treatment of the product and its transferring to the filling machine without the foam formation related problems.

Each unit is equipped with PLC for the automatic control of the process and can be interfaced with the rest of the line via ETHERNET. The equipments include also a buffer tank (provided with PED certificate) for the treated product storage and a refractometer installed on the tank feeding line.

When required, the plant is able to feed in automatic mode a filling line working at different flow rates: the equipment will allow to stop and restart the beer pasteurization cycle, by replacing the beer with cold water supplied by the Customer; in this way it will be possible to avoid product waste and damages.

All the flash pasteurizing units manufactured by WATER SYSTEMS are equipped to undergo CIP cleaning process.