Cooling Tunnel

Used for pasteurization and cooling of hotfilled products in bottles. The tunnel is supplied in 3 sections to guarantee flexible processing.

PRE-COOLING: 6000-24000 mm
COOLING:  5500-22000 mm
FINAL COOLING: 5500-22000  mm
Capacity, based on 50 min. cycle: 9400-38000  bph

bottle diameter 69 mm

Each section is supplied with stainless steel circulation pumps and digital thermostatic controlled cooling system. There is an additional cooling water pipeline with pneumatic valve connection to each section, for instant requirement of chilled water when cooling temperatures are excessive. Bottles are cooled under dense water shower in preset temperature zones and for preset time (by means of a speed variator).

The tunnel is supplied with industrial PC (15" touchscreen display). All process data is recorded on the hard drive of the PC and can be easily transferred via USB port.

Cooling times, individual temperature of each section can be adjusted from the user-friendly display. The temperature logs for each section can be printed out from any PC writer.

In case of any emergency stop, the tunnel can send a stop signal to the filler as well as to the leading process equipment. Any failure of installed electric motors - conveyor, pumps - will be displayed on the touchscreen and will lead buzzer alarm.

The tunnel conveyor is made of injection mould polypropylene.



  • Tunnel entirely made in AISI 304;
  • IP.66 stsinless steel electrical cabinet;
  • Spirax Sarco pneumatic valves;
  • Festo pneumatics;
  • Exit and entry flat top chain conveyors in AISI 304.
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