Heating and cooling tunnels Corfill

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Heating and cooling tunnels Corfill

Heating area range 3-200 sqm
Type of container Glass bottles
PET bottles
Aluminum or tin plate cans
Corfill International

Corfill International Srl is an italian company with over 50 years of experience in design and construction of filling machines and bottling plants for the beverage industry. Our high quality products , the great care for the market exigencies and...

The pasteurization tunnels or multi function tunnels of Corfill International are completely built in stainless steel. Their constructional feature is the modularity, which allows us to propose functional solutions, on single or double level, allowing the customer to optimize space and energy consumption. They are equipped with PLC and operator interface, allowing the customer to optimize the cycle time and the energy used to accomplish the work, minimizing the operating costs of the machine.


The high energy efficiency of the machine is guaranteed by the special shape of the spraying nozzles and a careful study of their distribution.

The flexibility of our project, let us have the following functions with a single tunnel:

  • Cooling tunnel
  • Cooling Shower
  • This machine is used as a coolers for hot filled products.
  • Warming tunnel
  • Heating Shower

This machine is used as a heater for cold filled products. This method prevents the condensation which may cause damage to the product being bottled. 

The tunnels can be integrated into new Turn Key lines or existing lines.

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