Syrup Rooms Corfill

Syrup Rooms Corfill

Type of the products Fruit juices
Soft drinks
Energy drinks
Beers (alcoholic and otherwise) starting from concentrate
Capacity of syrup room 1000-50000 liter per hour
Corfill International

Corfill International Srl is an italian company with over 50 years of experience in design and construction of filling machines and bottling plants for the beverage industry. Our high quality products , the great care for the market exigencies and...

The beverage dosing and preparation systems of CORFILL International are the most modern and flexible answer to the production needs of the customers. The preparation of the products can be carried out continuously or for defined quantities. Our systems are able to provide turnkey solutions proposing semi-automatic or fully automatic solutions.

The great versatility of our technological solutions allows to insert new Turn Key systems, or to intervene on existing plants, to increase productivity or to diversify production.

The list of customizations with which our preparation rooms can be provided is very long:

  • Number and capacity of stainless steel tanks.
  • Possibility to work with different types of concentrated products.
  • Customized software for preparing recipes.
  • High degree of automation, which allows the preparation in the dead times of production, without the need for intervention by the operators.
  • Electronic dialogue with different types of machines such as: pasteurizers, cip, sugar dissolvers, mixers, etc, etc.
  • Possibility to heat the system with steam or electricity.
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