Tubular & Flash Pasteurisers Corfill

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Tubular & Flash Pasteurisers Corfill

Capacity liter per hour 1000-50000
Type of products Fruit juices
Carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks
RTD beverages
Dairy product
Corfill International

Corfill International Srl is an italian company with over 50 years of experience in design and construction of filling machines and bottling plants for the beverage industry. Our high quality products , the great care for the market exigencies and...

Corfill International plate pasteurizers are completely made of stainless steel. Their constructional feature is the modularity, which allows us to propose functional solutions

There are many products that can be treated with our pasteurizers can be:

  • clear products drink 
  • drink with fibers
  • drink with pulp or fruit pieces.

To meet our customers needs we ca offer different versions of pasteurizers such as:

  • Multistage plates 1/2/3/4
  • Plates with narrow or extended passage
  • Tubular: smooth or corrugated tubes
  • Made in titanium alloy for salt-based products, such as Energy Drinks.

They are equipped with PLC and operator interface, allowing the customer to optimize the cycle time and the energy used to accomplish the work, minimizing the operating costs of the machine. The accurate temperature control ensures precise dosage of pasteurization units UP. Electronic communication with different types of machines such as:

  • Fillers 
  • Syrup rooms,
  • Saturators,
  • Mixing units,
  • CIP washing.

 The machine can be integrated into new Turn-Key or existing lines.

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