GLASS bottles flowmetric filler XENIA G Corfill

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GLASS bottles flowmetric filler XENIA G Corfill

Filling typology Flowmetric
Hot-fill +98C
Min bottle volume 200 ml
Max bottle volume 1500 ml
Type of fillers Free standing filler alone
Filler and capper
Rinser , filler and capper
Rinser, piston filler, filler, capper
Rinser, filler, with more than one capping turret
Type of liquids Mineral water
Wines and liqueurs
Edible oil
Capacity bottles per hour 3000-80000 bph
Corfill International

Corfill International Srl is an italian company with over 50 years of experience in design and construction of filling machines and bottling plants for the beverage industry. Our high quality products , the great care for the market exigencies and...

XENIA represents our flow meter filling machine family.

The flow meter technology applied to Xenia, guarantees the possibility to fill the product with no contact between the filling nozzle and the container, with evident cleaning advantages.
The filling valve accuracy is guaranteed by the use of the most modern electronic instruments, integrated with a sophisticated design and customized software.

The range of temperature for the products filling is from ambient up to 98°C.

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