Low Vacuum & Gravity Fillers Nora C CorFill

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Low Vacuum & Gravity Fillers Nora C CorFill

Filling Speed From 3.000 up to 80.000 bph is the Nora family range of speed.
Temprature Range From ambient up to 98°C.
Filling Type Cold Filling
Corfill International

Corfill International Srl is an italian company with over 50 years of experience in design and construction of filling machines and bottling plants for the beverage industry. Our high quality products , the great care for the market exigencies and...

The "NORA" gravity filler is an automatic rotary machine suitable for filling flat liquids in CANS.

Main features
- Base with lower structure and stainless steel perimeter. Carbon steel end table, worked on machine tools, covered with a stainless steel sheet. On request, the base can be supplied completely in stainless steel, with a tilted upper surface.
- Carousel gear with a diameter equal to the primitive diameter of the filling section.
- The gears are alternatively steel and plastic material in order to reduce noise, increase the duration and eliminate maintenance.
- Filling valves in stainless steel AISI 316. Other parts in contact with the product in AISI 304 or suitable for food liquids.

Multiple Configurations
Due to the Nora project flexibility, Corfill International is able to offer the filler in 5 different configurations: Free standing (filler alone) Monoblock (filler and capper) Triblock (rinser , filler and capper) Quadriblock (rinser, piston filler, filler, capper) Multiblock (rinser, filler, with more than one capping turret)

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