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Beverage plants
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Weekly acidic cation exchanger

Through dealkalization, the hardness and the bicarbonate content of the water are reduced, thus typically reducing the salt content in the water by approximately 75%. Used for production of boiler water and district heating water as well as process water in breweries. 

Advantages and references

  • The need for blowdown of the boiler is considerably reduced compared to the use of softened water solely as boiler feedwater.
  • If the water composition is suited for dealkalization, the method is suitable for large boilers and it is inexpensive in operation.
  • When brewing, the bicarbonate content is important. This can be adjusted by mixing dealkalized water and raw water. 

Plant description

  • The plants are produced as one-tank and two-tank plants.
  • The tanks are made of steel and can therefore resist pressure fluctuations. They are also surface coated with PPA, a high-performance factory applied polyethylene coating. Thus, the filter tanks combine the strength of steel with the strong anti-corrosion properties of the PPA (C5-M).
  • A complete plant for production of boiler feedwater typically comprises
    • dealkalizer,
    • CO2 deaerator, and softening plant. 
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Bardi line can handle both the 3/5G and 5/10 Litres PET one-way bottles through a simple and quick change-over system able to combine minimum downtime together with maximum hygienic safety. 


  • Neck handling: 1 gripper for 2 pliers
  • Dedicated rinsing program for 5 litres one way bottles


  • Customized change parts to handle returnable and one-way bottle consistency
  • Dedicated filling program for 5Litres bottles


  • Bardi electronic screw capper + Bardi press-on capper
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Bardi fillers for still water in large containers fulfills the following requirements filling process avoids the contact between the valve and the neck of the bottle (risk of contamination transfer).

Filler consist of:

  • The filling process is electronically controlled to ensure into the bottle the predetermined volume of water.
  • The filling valve and all the piping, valves etc. in contact with the product have a sanitary design and are made of aisi 316 S.S.
  • All parts in contact with the product are prearranged for 3 or 5 steps CIP (cleaning in place) sterilization treatment.
  • The filling cabinet is equipped with overpressure air flow. A minimum class 1000 air filtration is guaranteed, so as to protect the filling environment from the external ambient contamination.
  • The washer and filler is "in block" in order to avoid the potential contamination of the clean bottles travelling from the washer outlet to the filling area.
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Air conveyor with twin guides. Amongst this machine's many possibilities, it's well worth mentioning the JET system, the first and only vertical air conveyor able to raise (or lower) bottles on slopes from 0 to 90º. 

This system's features allow it to efficiently handle bottles that other systems cannot transport: 

  • A twin-guide profile encapsulates the bottle above and below the neck ring, thus avoiding leaving marks on the bottle's neck and providing better stability to the bottle, even at very high production line speeds.
  • The single bi-directional opening directs a current of air around the neck and the main part the bottle with precision. This reduces the levels of contamination and jams, increases the speed of the bottles move and keeps them in the vertical position, even at high speeds.
  • Efficient with short-necked bottles. With our systems, the current of air is directed with precision, so it can be directed towards specific parts of the bottles, even on short-necked bottles.

The current of air creates an air cushion between the guides and the ring on the bottle neck, which notably reduces friction, which in turn lowers the air pressure needed during the operation and a reduction in energy consumption for operating the fan. 

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In-line systems for buffering glass containers are used for handling buffered bottles that are distributed over the width exceeding the multiple sizes of the transportation medium. Contemporary packaging machines are adapted for packaging containers distributed over the width equal to the width of the carton or wrapper (for instance board machine type WRAP AROUND, bottle loader). The most important issue, for buffering of glass bottles, is the synchronization of the speed of the belt of the buffering conveyor with the speed of packaging machine and the speed of filling line. The buffered containers should form a wedge with a base directed towards the packaging machine. Such an arrangement is equipped with adequate number of buffer sensors and drives. The volume of the buffer, for the purposes of free flow of bottles and the possibility of additional refill in case of an emergency, is many times greater than the volume of bottles, which are on the buffer during normal operation.

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Telescopic conveyor consists of a frame, primary drum, secondary drum, telescopic mechanism, assent angle changing mechanism, conveyor belt, drives (for conveyor, telescopic mechanism, assent angle changing mechanism). Conveyor frame is made of steel profile, frame covering - enamel.

Constructive design of conveyor - mobile, conveyor mounted on the turning wheels.

  • Primary drum is mounted on the frame. At the drum supports are installed bearing units. At the bearing units are installed closed bearings. Lubricates, embedded in the bearing, ensure the reliable for the entire duration of the bearing. Primary drum is moving by the drive which is a motor-reducer of STM (Italy). Motor-reducer is installed directly on the shaft of the primary roller and is fixed through the earring.
  • Slave drum is attached to frame on the bearings supports, which are able to tension and adjust of the conveyor belt. At the bearings unit of slave drum is also set a closed bearings. Lubricators embedded in the bearing, ensure the reliable for the entire duration of the bearing. Conveyor belt running adjustment is carrying by the screw tensioning device of primary, slave, roller units and front buckle.
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Roller conveyors for pallets are durable and resistant and can operate under heavy loads. They are mostly used for longwise move of boxes with products and loaded pallets.

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Roller conveyors for pallets are durable and resistant and can operate under heavy loads. They are mostly used for longwise move of boxes with products and loaded pallets.

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Vertical conveyors are designed for vertical lifting of glass bottles / crates / cans at a given height.

Possible solutions:

  • The rise of containers (products) from the lower point to the upper point (from 0.5 meters to level of second floors)
  • The descent of containers (products) from the upper point to the lower point (from the second floor to the conveyor level on the first floor)
  • Raising and lowering packaging, boxes from the first floor to second etc.
  • Vertical conveyors are equipped with adjustable side guides, thanks to which they can be used for all types of bottles and cans.

Upward conveyor operating: feeding conveyer feed blocks of products to the platform (this area is in the upper position). At the platform boxes moves to the lowest position. Then the platform "folding", and the products move to roller conveyor.

At the upper position the platform placed at the horizontal position. At this position it ready to receive the next box. 
At the chain stretch unit of vertical conveyor are set closed bearings. Lubricants are embedded in the bearing, provides a operation of bearing during the operation period.

Gripper conveyor

The transporter is suitable for vertical (downward) transportation of empty or filled bottles (cans) with diameter of 20 -100 mm. Special design of gripper for transporting circuit provides a reliable grip of during its moving. 

  • Transporter consists of a frame and attached to her two transporting tracks, roller chain with scallop grippers SYSTEM PLAST. Conveyor tracks are placed on special supports. Each of them works with its own drive.
  • Conveyor is equipped with mechanism for changing the distance between two conveyor tracks. Thus the size of transported products can vary.
  • Manage of transporter is carried by console, which set the button "Start" and "Stop".
  • Conveyor is equipped with photo-sensor (optional), when triggered by the drive of the conveyor is turned off.

Trolley vertical conveyor is a welded construction, on which are mounted two chain tracks with lifting platforms. To the frame of the vertical conveyor are also mounted feed and rolling conveyors. Conveyor has the ability to reinstall the roller and feeding conveyor, thus there is a change of embodiment of the conveyor from upward to downward and conversely. 

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Labelling machine type MEGA HOT is fully automatic and has been designed for the application of wrap-around paper and plastic pre-cut labels on cylindrical container and/or shaped.
Model MEGA HOT features platforms that may be driven by pulleys, toothed belts, cams, electronic cams or brushless motors. MEGA HOT installs a hot melt applicator to deliver adhesive to patented controlled fiberization guns onto the container first and then a slot gun integrated in the labelling magazine applies a vertical strip of adhesive on the trailing edge of the label for all its height sealing the label end.

Hot glue unit with nozzles aggregate has several advantages respect to the glue roll hot melt type, such as the absence of adhesive carbonisation, a minimum down time for cleaning and maintenance, minimization of adhesive waste.

  • Base made of stainless steel with skeleton made of steel profiles.
  • Paneling and removable parts made of stainless steel
  • Conveyor belt and casing made of stainless steel
  • Stopping device in case of jamming.
  • Timing screw conveyor
  • The distribution of the glue is given by the rubber gluing roll equipped with a scraper having automatic glue film adjustment by a pneumatic device.

The labelling unit consist of:

  • Oscillating labels holding magazine, aluminium roll with horizontal strip gluing profiles.
  • Fingers unit with stainless steel blades comb for a direct transfer of the label on the container.
  • Fix label magazine with rotating glue pallets
  • 9 plates driven by greased gears or oil bath gears movement
  • 1 labels application on cylindrical or shaped containers
  • Hot-Glue dispenser


  • Electronic containers counter
  • Centrally collected lubrication points
  • Safety clutch on timing screw, infeed and outfeed star
  • Coding / dating device: inkjet
  • Checking for label presence with reject devices
  • Vision system
  • Touch screen operator panel
  • Programmable logic controller
  • Turret electrical height adjustment
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Zilli & Bellini seamers are suitable to seam a wide range of round containers filled with food or pet food products. 


The machines can handle round metal and composite containers having a filling capacity up to 5 Kg.


The seamers can handle open top, easy open and easy-peel lids


  • Integration with automatic cleaning system of the seamer CIP
  • Under cover gassing systems are available on request.
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Single, double or triple-plane tanks are designed for raw material processing in the food industry. The insulation is made of mineral wool or poly-urethan foam. The insulation is covered with firmly welded sheet. The heating or cooling coat is able to work with pressures of no more than 3.5 bars to be made in quilted coat, serpent pipe or rectangular dithes technology depending on working conditions.

The tanks applications:

  • making liquid at various content and acidity fiat preventing from stored liquif splitting 
  • liquid with add-ons mixture 
  • liquid mixture to intesify processes 
  • sirup and other liquid preparation.

Basic equipment is as following:

  • W1 - bottom mainhole,
  • W2 - upper mainhole,
  • P1 - pipe liquid gauge,
  • P2 - hydrostatic level measurement,
  • O1 - vent with a net,
  • C1 - CIP system,
  • K1 - release / power connector,
  • K2 - level sensor connector,
  • K3 - temeperature sensor connector,
  • K4 - aseptic samples dispenser tap,
  • M1 - sideways mixer,
  • M2 - up-right mixer.

The tanks design and make enable their washing using CIP system. The CIP system enables washing the components to be the tank equipment such as mixers, mainholes et cetera. Selected variants can be additionally sterilized with steam.  


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