Opto-electronic orientation of the bottles BRB Globus

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Opto-electronic orientation of the bottles BRB Globus

Nuovo BRB

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This type of orientation device is more sophisticated than the mechanical one and it is designed for medium and high output rate and orientation feature different from that previously exposed.

The orientation through luminescence sensors can sense marks which can be a color dot (like on champagne capsules with product name printed vertically) or the seam of a can or any other significative color texture.

These marks are detected by a fiber optic sensor which can “see” the mark from the type of light which, shooted by the fiber optic, hit by the container, goes back to the photo cell. The orientation takes place on each carousel plates.

The plates, which can be driven by clutch brakes system, stepper motors, or brushless, rotate until the photocell detect the mark and interrupt container rotation. At that point plates are ready to handle the container in the position required for the label applications.

By using another type of luminescence photo cell or camera it is possible to detect also ribs on plastic containers (ribs are made especially on containers for aesthetic purposes or for increasing the grip of the surface which has to be grab by the consumers).

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