Unstable containers labelling BRB Globus

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Unstable containers labelling BRB Globus

Nuovo BRB

Nuovo BRB range of labelling machines meets the customer dressing requirements with both precision and economy. Taylor made designs, technically advanced and well proven sub-assemblies are our strong factors at customer service Nuovo BRB labelling...

BRB Globus is able to offer to its customers a long and successful experience in self-adhesive labelling onto unstable containers.

For unstable container we mean these containers which, due to a very small bottom base or due to a very conical shape, need a puck or godet in order to be able to be handled into different machines of a bottling line.

The container is put into the puck at the beginning of the streaming line and de-puck at the end.The use of those pucks is quite common in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry,sometimes also in food sector.

The container arrives into the labelling machine in one of those pucks and here at BRB Globus we have a long experience in the handling of pucks in the labeller and also in designing them according to the label the customer wants to apply.

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