4 - Dosing fruits, vegetables, sauces and ketchup

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4 - Dosing fruits, vegetables, sauces and ketchup

Filling typology Flowmetric
Min bottle volume 100 ml
Max bottle volume 2000 ml
Type of fillers Filler only
Tamper Filler Twist-off (Seamer)
Rinser Filler Twis-off (Seamer)
Type of liquids Pate
Fruits and vegetables puree
Sauces, mayonnaise and ketchup

Since 2004 Uni-Tech specializes in projecting supply, installation, consulting and service of all liquid filling equipment turn-key lines. Since establishment in 2004, group of companies Uni-Tech has built successful business relationships with...


Linear fillers

For filling dense products with low and medium capacity from 1200 to 6000 containers per hour. Machines are flexible for using different types of containers (plastic, glass, cans) without expensive replacement format kits.
The dispenser mechanism of a linear piston machine can be with a mechanical or pneumatic drive.

The mechanical version is very strong and reliable. In order to prevent the formation of air bubbles in the product during the filling process, the filling valve of the machine is lowered head down into the container and begins to move upward in parallel with the level of the product.

Synchronization of movement speed and filling speed is carried out using a mechanical module or servomotor. The product itself can be fed to the machine by a pump, or by overpressure in the buffer tank of the machine, giving a guarantee for accurate dosing and high speed filling process.

Rotary machines

For filling dense products, they work on the principle of volumetric and weight dosing with using vacuum.

A high level of vacuum is available especially for mayonnaise. Volumetric piston fillers are equipped with mechanical and motorized drives to adjust the height of the containers and the volume of filling.

Upon request integrated into the system of the Ultra-Clean system, which will ensure sterilization of containers, lids, caps and the filling unit itself, we offer a device for creating a sterile air flow using HEPA filters, which are not installed inside of filler, but next to machine to allow washing in the pipe-tunnel connecting the filler and the module HEPA filter to prevent condomination on the filter itself when water or cleaning detergents get on it.

As an additional function, the unit can be adapted to the automatic CIP and SIP washing systems as special sprays noozles inside the filler for collect liquid to filtration system and a recirculation pump to re-use liqiud again.

The final control of the weight and caps closing is carried out by a device that extracts containers with an error on the discharge conveyor.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Controller and control unit to choose from Allen Bradley or Siemens
  • Servo drives from global manufacturers to choose from Lenze or B&R
  • Control of discharge conveyor and feed conveyor for starting or stopping bottling
  • On / off switch, stop button for emergency


  • HEPA Filter;
  • UV lamps for caps;
  • Readiness for CIP and SIP;
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