4 - Fresh milk and dairy products

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4 - Fresh milk and dairy products

Filling typology Flowmetric
Weight filling
Min bottle volume 100 ml
Max bottle volume 3000 ml
Type of fillers Rinser Filler Capper
Peroxide washer Rinser Filler Capper
Type of liquids Fresh milk
Laban (Ayran)
Juices and Nectars
Capacity bottles per hour 3000-20000 bph

Since 2004 Uni-Tech specializes in projecting supply, installation, consulting and service of all liquid filling equipment turn-key lines. Since establishment in 2004, group of companies Uni-Tech has built successful business relationships with...

Fillers can be produce with one or two rinser (with peroxide washing and after with ozoneted or pure water), filling and closure options.

Every gram of the product is valuable both for the consumer and the manufacturer. The weight filling machines from expensive liquids filling machines utilize load cells of the highest class. In addition the machine frame and base is designed in a manner that makes disturbances passed to the load cells negligible. For the precise control of the weight filling process we use complex software - the result of multiple modernizations over the years. All this, combined with the special patented filling valve guarantees absolute precision of filling, providing accuracy of 0.3 to 1.2 grams, depending on the product type and container volume.

  • New process control algorithm achieving considerable increase in filling speed;
  • Improved dosing accuracy amounting 0.3 to 1 gram in the filling range of 0.2 to 3.0 liters;
  • Machine design free of dead zones that hold impurities and adapted to automatic cleaning;
  • Rigid stainless frame;
  • Inclined surfaces for rapid lead-off and drying;
  • Freestanding fencing in safety glass, allowing 360° view to the machine, easy access for cleaning and maintenance for the machine and the floor under it.
  • Modular design – convenient for easy transportation and assembly;
  • Significant increase in the volume of sterile air supplied.
  • The colour touch-screen makes the dialogue between operator and machineeasy and intuitive. There is a possibility for monitoring the current status of the machine and its work parameters for longer periods of time.

The new compact machine uses the flowmetric technology for volume measurement during filling. It is intended especially for moderate size production with increased flexibility, the maximal capacity up to 20000 bph and containers ranging from 0.2 to 3.0 liters.

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