Table-top chain conveyor systems UNI-TECH

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Table-top chain conveyor systems UNI-TECH


Since 2012, the company has been manufacturing industrial equipment from stainless steel in Poland, Poznan, our range of products consists of: All types of trolleys with differents sizes, volume and purpose for food and non-food production plants;...

In-line systems for buffering glass containers are used for handling buffered bottles that are distributed over the width exceeding the multiple sizes of the transportation medium. Contemporary packaging machines are adapted for packaging containers distributed over the width equal to the width of the carton or wrapper (for instance board machine type WRAP AROUND, bottle loader). The most important issue, for buffering of glass bottles, is the synchronization of the speed of the belt of the buffering conveyor with the speed of packaging machine and the speed of filling line. The buffered containers should form a wedge with a base directed towards the packaging machine. Such an arrangement is equipped with adequate number of buffer sensors and drives. The volume of the buffer, for the purposes of free flow of bottles and the possibility of additional refill in case of an emergency, is many times greater than the volume of bottles, which are on the buffer during normal operation.

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