Vertical tanks

Vertical tanks

Volume From 500 liters

Single, double or triple-plane tanks are designed for raw material processing in the food industry. The insulation is made of mineral wool or poly-urethan foam. The insulation is covered with firmly welded sheet. The heating or cooling coat is able to work with pressures of no more than 3.5 bars to be made in quilted coat, serpent pipe or rectangular dithes technology depending on working conditions.

The tanks applications:

  • making liquid at various content and acidity fiat preventing from stored liquif splitting 
  • liquid with add-ons mixture 
  • liquid mixture to intesify processes 
  • sirup and other liquid preparation.

Basic equipment is as following:

  • W1 - bottom mainhole,
  • W2 - upper mainhole,
  • P1 - pipe liquid gauge,
  • P2 - hydrostatic level measurement,
  • O1 - vent with a net,
  • C1 - CIP system,
  • K1 - release / power connector,
  • K2 - level sensor connector,
  • K3 - temeperature sensor connector,
  • K4 - aseptic samples dispenser tap,
  • M1 - sideways mixer,
  • M2 - up-right mixer.

The tanks design and make enable their washing using CIP system. The CIP system enables washing the components to be the tank equipment such as mixers, mainholes et cetera. Selected variants can be additionally sterilized with steam.  


Further Accessories
Light side mixer 920 rpm Power 0,37 - 4,0 kW
Side gearbox mixer 17-920 rpm Power 0,37 - 3,0 kW
Vertical mixer 13-100 rpm Power 1,5 - 22 kW
Vertical frame mixer Power 1,5 - 22 kW
Vertical anchor mixer Power 1,5 - 22 kW
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