Roller Mill | DAVM Alapala

Roller Mill | DAVM Alapala

Sifting capacity High. Can be obtained by using different frame heights and intermediate frames (spacers). In this way, below and above sifting paths can be adjusted
Sifting possibility Effective at high capacities. It is pos sible to increase 22 % sifting area by using “G” type sifter boxes
Each sifting cabin can accommodate up to 28 sifters
Product flow Two-way
Vertical and horizontal dividing possibility of sifting pas sages At any required level
Cleaning and maintenance possibility Easy

“Alapala: Where the tradition meets innovation” Founded in 1954, Alapala Machine is the eldest and well-known company of Alapala Group, and takes place among the top two companies of the world in its industry, going forward on a vision to be a...

It is used to grind and crush the grain in the cereal processing plants. It is designed to obtain flour and semolina in the flour and semolina mills by processing cleaned grain.


This machine consists of three main parts. Two sieve boxes and a central framework containing the drive unit. These parts are assembled by means of screws and transversal beams. It is possible to separate the machine into three main parts for an easy make handling, shipping and hoisting to the installation floor.

  • 2 pieces symmetrically designed sieve boxes
  • 1 piece drive housing
  • 2 pieces carrier arms
  • 1 set of suspension group including suspension rods

The inner framework comprises all the parts dealing with the machine motion, in particular, the electrical motor, shaft and the counterweight mass. The whole shaft - counterweight unit is bedded by double ball bearings. The drive unit is easily accessible by removing the large side panels covering the central framework

Working Principle

The product comes from above through one or two inlets and is sifted in the sieve nest, this operation being due to rotary motion of the machine and gravity. In this way from 5 (five) to 7 (seven) selections (sorts of product) with different granules can be obtained at the horizontally divided passages and 12 (twelve) selections at the vertically divided passages. A special device fitted at the inlet of channels provides a very precise separation of the product load along the entire width of the upper sieves for a remarkable increasing of the sifting of the single passage. The great numbers of superimposed sieves and their square shape also guarantee an effective sifting action and a precise classification of the products, positively affecting the final grinding yield. Each machine is completed with its own product inlet and outlet boards, the discharge control spouts and the connection sleeves made of fabric permeable to the air. The machine is easy in maintenance for it’s quite an easy matter to install and dismantle and insert the telero frames into the boxes. The special and even structures of sifters do not allow insects and moths to shelter.

Further Accessories
Application fields At food industry
Wheat, rye, oats, barley and corn processing plants
Coffee and similar products processing plants
And other food products processing plants
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Beverage industry plant engineering

Beverage industry plant engineering