Excise stamp application BRB Globus

Excise stamp application BRB Globus

Typology Self-adhesive
Type of the labels L excise or security label
Typology Hot glue
Type of the labels L excise / U excise
Nuovo BRB

Nuovo BRB range of labelling machines meets the customer dressing requirements with both precision and economy. Taylor made designs, technically advanced and well proven sub-assemblies are our strong factors at customer service Nuovo BRB labelling...

BRB Globus rotary labelling machines can apply excise stamp U and L shaped with cold glue and tamper evident or guarantee L shaped self-adhesive labels.
By means of an original and highly reliable outfeed star, the excise stamp, previously applied on the bottle neck in vertical position,is taken down to the cap (in case of excise stamp or security L), or to the cap and the other side of the neck (in case of excise stamp U shaped).

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Beverage industry plant engineering

Beverage industry plant engineering