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Mechanic orientation bottles option BRB Globus

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Nuovo BRB range of labelling machines meets the customer dressing requirements with both precision and economy. Taylor made designs, technically advanced and well proven sub-assemblies are our strong factors at customer service Nuovo BRB labelling...

The automatic mechanical orientation is applicable to containers with a cylindrical cross section. The first orientation device is the simplest and the cheapest. The orientation takes place on the labeller infeed star. A mechanical arrangement (a spring loaded lever) hunts and catches the container (which can be only cylindrical), by a spotting notch or bar moulded into the lower side wall area.

The bottle held in the required position is transferred on to the carousel plates. The degree of accuracy which is possible to have using this mechanical device is good but not the best possible.

The same device is used to orientate a cylindrical container according to its handle where the handle subsitute the spotting notch for feature. A second type of orientation takes place on each carousel plates. In this case the bottle centring platform is made up of two sections: an inner rotating section and a fixed outer section.

The container, always cylindrical, needs to have a spotting bar on its bottom. The bottle goes onto the plate (which at this stage, has the two sections at the same level) and, once that it is clamped firmly against the fixed auter plate section by means of pressure from the descending centring bell, the rotating inner plate section is held down via cam operated stirrup, enabling the spring loaded hunting lever to touch the bottle bottom. Then, by spinning the bottle around 360°, the lever catches the spotting bar. When the lever is into the spotting bar il will drag the bottle in the required position, ready to receive its labels.

In few cases the cylindrical container have letters, scales, figures in relief but no spotting bar or notch. NUOVA BRB has an orientation device solutions also for these special packages.
Through a mechanical sensor and a system of levers which increases the sensor sensitivity the device is able to detect a 3/10 of millimetre relief.

Moreover by positioning the lever on the machine carousel dish and by installing another very simple mechanical device, this system is not sensitive to containers eccentricity.

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