36000 bph self-adhesive labelling machine Mega Ade 27 BRB Globus

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36000 bph self-adhesive labelling machine Mega Ade 27 BRB Globus

Typology Self-adhesive
Type of the labels Self-adhesive
Quantity of labels Front / back
Collar / L excise
Carousel 1080 mm
Quantity of plates 27 pcs
Diameter of bottle 45-110 mm
Max length of the label 100 mm
Max high of the labels 130 mm
Nuovo BRB

Nuovo BRB range of labelling machines meets the customer dressing requirements with both precision and economy. Taylor made designs, technically advanced and well proven sub-assemblies are our strong factors at customer service Nuovo BRB labelling...

Labelling machine type MEGA ADE is fully automatic and has been designed for the application of self-adhesive pressure sencitive labels on cylindrical and square shape container and/or shaped. Mega ADE installs different self-adhesive label dispensing heads chosen between the best Italian manufacturer, according to type of application, production speed and customer special requirements.

Model MEGA ADE features platforms that may be driven by pulleys, toothed belts, cams, electronic cams or brushless motors. 

  • Base made of stainless steel with skeleton made of steel profiles.
  • Paneling and removable parts made of stainless steel
  • Conveyor belt and casing made of stainless steel
  • Stopping device in case of jamming.
  • Timing screw conveyor

The labelling unit consist of:

  • Groups of self-adhesive labeling with stepper motor and a speed of distribution of 20, 40 m / min.
  • Maximum height 250 mm paper width up.
  • Label roll diameter up to 300 or 400 mm.
  • 27 plates driven by greased gears or oil bath gears movement
  • Up to 4 labels application on cylindrical or square shaped containers


  • Electronic containers counter
  • Centrally collected lubrication points
  • Automatic speed control according to input and output photocells
  • Container bottle plates rotation by clutch brake system or stepper motors
  • Safety clutch on timing screw, infeed and outfeed star
  • Coding / dating device: inkjet, laser or hot-date stamping, perforation or heat transfer printing
  • Checking for label presence with reject devices
  • Vision system
  • Touch screen operator panel
  • Programmable logic controller
  • Shaped plates for shaped container or unstable containers
  • Turret electrical height adjustment
  • Cam with removable sections
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