Hydraulic cutter for horns and forelegs Z 12 EFA

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Hydraulic cutter for horns and forelegs Z 12 EFA

Opening of cutter 4,7 incj
Pressure of closing max. 55.900 N
Closing time 3 sec
Weight of cutter 27 kg
Weight of pump 48 kg

For over 90 years the name of Schmid & Wezel has been synonymous with the highest level of precision, quality and partner-like collaborations. The company rests on the core pillars composed of three product areas: EFA butcher's machines, BIAX...

Horn and leg cutter with high closing pressure for cattle; for medium and large sized plants.

  • High efficiency
  • Easy an safe to handle by anti-tie down controls
  • Cut close to the head for dehiding without problems
  • All external parts made of non corrosive material
  • Best suited for dehorning and cutting-off forelegs
  • Hydraulic unit either electrical- or air operated

Scope of Supply

  • EFA Z 12 (Order-No. 008 004 998) 
Further Accessories
Hydraulic unit electrical powered 400 V, 3 Ph (001 972 301)
Hydraulic unit air operated, 6-8 bar (008 007 189)
Hose unit, 5 m (008 005 181)
Spring balancer, 20-30 kp (001 620 052)
Hydraulic oil, 40 l (001 365 614)
* Not included in the basic scope of supply. (Order-Nos. in brackets)
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