Mechanical cattle knocking box BLASAU

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Mechanical cattle knocking box BLASAU

Dimensions d x w x h 2720 x 950 x 1725 mm

BLASAU is a company specialized in making slaughterhouses products, cutting rooms and food industry in general. It’s a family business that was founded in 1977. At the beginning we manufactured different metal products. With a great capacity to...

Used on the cattle slaughter lines to keep the animal in place while it is stunned.

Made up of:

  • Guillotine door counterweight type
  • Side door to remove the animal manual tilting
  • Retractable floor, manual, with simultaneous tilling to help the carcass fall.

Made of hot-dip galvanised steel.



Pneumatic piston

Manual tilting through a pneumatic piston

Retractable, works using the same piston as the side exit door, with simultaneous tilting to help the carcass fall.












Head restraint.

System to restrain the head of the cattle inside the knocking box, while it is stunned 

Made up of:

  • Hinged upper gate that opens downwards to push the animal forward, which works with a hydraulic cylinder,
  • Hinged front gate in a V-shape, adapted to the neck of the carcass, which moves upwards to keep the animal’s neck in place, and works with a hydraulic cylinder.
  • Hydraulic power and electrical panel used to control the hydraulic mechanisms.


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