Piglets deharing machine P1000C TORRAS

Piglets deharing machine P1000C TORRAS

Prod. 8 Kg piglets 20 piglets/ cycle
Prod. 15 Kg piglets 12 piglets/ cycle
Cycle time 5 min
Power 15 Kw
Tension 400/690 V
Water consum.  1,8 m3/h
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1800x1800x1250 mm
Weight 900 Kg

Catalonian (Spanish) company Torras specilaized on production of the machines for treatment wight and red offals for cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry

Piglets deharing machine

Fluid needed: Water at 65ºC.


  • Made of stainless-steel.
  • Optional pneumatic unloading with automatic cycle.
  • Cycle timing available to be set.
  • Electric panel included.
  • Can be combined with the loading lift.



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