Filling lines for delicate liquids

Filling lines for delicate liquids

Filling line for still liquids

ESL milk, yoghurt drinks, liquid eggs, delicate non-carbonated liquids.

The latest novelty for the milk and delicate product filling system is the electronic filling machine, the INFINITY series, specifically formulated for an extremely broad range of sensitive products such as milk, flavoured milk, yoghurt, yoghurt drinks, fruit juices and dairy products with fruit pieces. Electronic flow meters control the filling process.

Machine cleanliness is guaranteed by an efficient sterilisation system (CIP / SIP). In terms of precision and reliability, the “Infinity” series is superior to any other filling system. The technology has been developed to satisfy all specific “shelf life” requirements.


Milk — HDPE 1 lt – 1.500 bph – Electronic
Pasticceria Quadrifoglio S.R.L. (Italy)

Milk — PET 1 lt – 3.000 bph – Electronic
Cooperativa Caseificio Pugliese (Italy)


Delicate — Glass 125 ml – 15.000 bph
Electronic Flow Meter – Sanest (Vietnam)

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Beverage industry plant engineering

Beverage industry plant engineering