12000 cph rotary vacuum fillers RA Zilli & Bellini

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12000 cph rotary vacuum fillers RA Zilli & Bellini

Capacity 5400-12000 cph
Quantity of vacuum valves 6-14 pcs
Suitable for Secondary or primary filling
Sauces, puree, brine
Jelly, hot liquid fat, edible oil
Diced tomato, soup
Vinegar, gravy
Diameter of carousel 700 mm
Zilli & Bellini

Zilli & Bellini designs and manufactures a wide range of machines, mainly for the food industry. Zilli & Bellini was founded in 1961 and is a Company with a very important background in the food industry. Today, more than 1200 Zilli & Bellini...

Zilli & Bellini vacuum fillers are suitable to fill liquid or semi-liquid products, with or without pieces, into empty or already pre-filled containers with tuna fish, peeled tomatoes, fruits, pulses, vegetables, ravioli, mushrooms, meat, etc.


The machines can handle rigid round metal, glass and composite containers having a filling capacity up to 5 Kg.


  • Integration with automatic cleaning system of the seamer CIP
  • Ultra-clean version with HEPA filter
  • Monoblock with seamer or Twist-off capping machine
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Beverage industry plant engineering