Manual cager | decager

Manual cager | decager

Basic cager to facilitate manual crate filling. The operator works at waist-level to eliminate repetitive bending and increase filling speed. Compared to jumblestacking, layered stacking increases crate capacity by up to 20%.

Technical description 

  • Up to 2 layers per minute with 2 trained workers
  • For rectangular Layer-in-Divider crates with false bottom
  • Lifting jack driven by hydraulic cylinder
  • Manual divider placement
  • Manual layer formation
  • Built in stainless steel AISI 304
  • Accepts standard-size retort cages for diameter 1200–1400 static retorts
    and diameter 1200–1800 rotary retorts.

Optional rectangular or rotary receiving table, or receiving belt in steel mesh with gear reducer for speed setting

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