Shrink-wrapping machines SRNA650

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Shrink-wrapping machines SRNA650

Capacity 15-25 ppm
Installed power 12 kW
Air consumption 6 bar 18 l per cycle

SRNA 650 shrink film wrapper is an automatic machine designed for medium speeds (up to 15 pack/minute) and to supplement production lines of bottles, boxes, cases, jars, spray cans, etc. The equipment’s main advantages are easy operation, ample versatility and reduced format change times.

Technical data

Standard Basic Equipment
  • Input conveyor belt made of low friction coefficient material, in one or multiple functions.
  • Text display with programming and pack counter functions.
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).
  • Hot chamber welding with digital temperature control.
  • Welding bar movement pneumatically operated with safety device.
  • Pneumatically operated pack pusher programmable in the number of partial push movements.
  • Upper and lower motor-driven polyethylene reel unwinder.


  • Special conveyor belts for product input.
  • Special feeding devices.
  • Product stacker with programmable number of floors.
  • Cardboard tray dispenser.
  • Stainless steel version.
*Specifications subject to variation without prior notice.
Options Description
Maximum reel diameter 300 mm
Maximum reel width 600 mm
Polyethylene thickness 60 to 150 micron
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