Hook collecting rails BLASAU

Hook collecting rails BLASAU


BLASAU is a company specialized in making slaughterhouses products, cutting rooms and food industry in general. It’s a family business that was founded in 1977. At the beginning we manufactured different metal products. With a great capacity to...

Used to store empty hooks from the automatic unhooking machine. These rails are tilted slightly towards the hoist, where the skins are loaded.
With this option the rail circuit is closed, which means the hooks never leave the circuit and they are not lost or damaged. 

Made up of:

  • Columns to support the structure, made of galvanised steel tubes, with plates that can be bolted to the floor.
  • Rail supporting structure, built with IPN rails, finger clamps, attachment plates and screws to attach all the elements together, avoiding the need for welding, which can ultimately cause problems with rust. Made of back steel with a hot-dip galvanised finish.
  • Running rail consisting of two U-shaped 50x29 mm rails, which are made of AGST5 aluminium alloy, with a rolling side, a guiding surface for the carts and T-slot to allow the support brackets to be attached with bolts without welding or drilling,
  • Rail support brackets made of L-2640 aluminium to keep the rails parallel. The rails are spaced 18 mm apart to suspend the rail from the secondary structure using flanges and screws.
  • 90 and 45 degrees curves and angles with the same characteristics as the running rail.
  • Stainless steel screws between the rail and the support brackets, and also between the support brackets and the secondary structure.


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