Skin hoist BLASAU

Skin hoist BLASAU

Capacity 500 skin per hour
Installed power 1,1 kW

BLASAU is a company specialized in making slaughterhouses products, cutting rooms and food industry in general. It’s a family business that was founded in 1977. At the beginning we manufactured different metal products. With a great capacity to...

Used to tilt up the hooks and skin from the floor level.

  • Closed 1 ¼" chain circuit.
  • UPN-60 profile guides.
  • Double rail.
  • Pushers for the double rail, with 4 nylon wheels.
  • Electrical control panel.
  • Buttons to control the different mechanisms, with stop and start switches.

Made of galvanised steel.

г. Алматы
Beverage industry plant engineering

Beverage industry plant engineering