Band saw MKB 754 MADO

Band saw MKB 754 MADO

Current type 400 V, 50 Hz 3-phase AC
Capacity 2,2 kW
Fuse protection 16 A inert
Revolutions 965 rpm
Cutting speed 17 m/sec.
Cutting width max 400 mm
Cutting height max 400 mm
Dimensions of band 3150 x 16 x 0.6 mm
Weight ca. 225 kg

MADO has been fulfilling the requirements of the professionals in the butcher’s trade, meat-processing industry, rendering plants, supermarkets and gastronomy for over 50 years. They demand: Quality, Efficiency, Stability of Values . . . There...

MADO has a generation of band saws in program, which is unique in quality, performance and stable value. Innovative band saws have been consistently designed for the needs of the butchers trade, meat products industry and meat dissecting plants, multiple chain stores or canteen kitchens. With eight different models and cutting heights from 233 - 485 mm, MADO offers solutions for every choice and area of application. All MADO band saws have been manufactured from stainless steel based on the latest developments for effi cient, hygienic food processing. They cut everything exactly in clean sections, irrespective of whether it is meat, bone, poultry or fish.

All models are equipped with:

  • Electronic motor brake and portioner with fi ne adjustment mechanism.
  • Solenoid operated door switch.
  • Precise belt guide.
  • Quick clamping device.
  • Removable “feed - on and safe cut” guide.
  • Height adjustable blade shield.
  • Folding upwards table for cleaning.
  • Speed control (on request).
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Beverage industry plant engineering

Beverage industry plant engineering