Baking and roasting houses BK-H 2850/1 KERRES

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Baking and roasting houses BK-H 2850/1 KERRES

Dimensions w x d x h 1680x1170x2800 mm
Heating power EL 36 kW
Roasting truck dimensions 1010 x1030x2020 mm
Numbers of stations / truck 16-20

Kerres smoke-air®: smoking, hot air cooking, cooking : " THE FINE ART OF SMOKING" KERRES provides smoking and cooking equipment all over the world The swabian company KERRES from Backnang develops and sells, with its now more than 50 employees since...

Baking- and Roastinghouses BK-H 2850 with horizontal airflow

Whether baking or roasting of meat, sausages or other kinds of food: the KERRES baking- and roastinghouses provide the right preparations for all requirements - microprocessor-controlled for repeatable product quality at any time.

Temperature range up to 200°C

  • ready to plug in modular design, future expandable
  • 1 -truck to 4-truck units
  • suited for both hanging products and products in a lying position
  • microprocessor control K-Touch 4012 available in many languages
  • all current heating methods
  • fribreglass upgraded insulation

Your benefits:

  • consistent temperature distribution inside the units thanks to the KERRES circulation technology with horizontal reversing circulation
  • time and energy saving with high quality fibreglass upgraded insulation
  • very low loss of weight with gentle treatment
  • high utilization especially with products in a lying position

K-Touch 4012

K-touch panel Kerres

New developed touch screen control - and all processes always at sight

Some touches on the control panel are enough, then the microprocessor control automatically takes over: It constantly monitors and controls all the parameters and ensures a precise clima and repeatable, reliable processes.

  • Touch screen
  • Clear control
  • Simple operation
  • Microprocessor-controlled technology
  • PC networking
  • Documentation of processes
  • Stored programs are always reliable repeatable
  • Power failure protection

Built-in microprocessor as standart with three cooking processes:

  • cooking via time
  • cooking via core temperature
  • cooking via Delta-T-process


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