Burger Former 1FH25

Burger Former 1FH25

Hamburger size Up to 120mm x 200mm
Hamburger thickness Between 6 and 30 mm
Plate dimensions (mm) 250 x 480 mm
Capacity for diameter 120mm @ 1 pc per cycle 20-30 ppm
Capacity for diameter 100mm @ 2 pcs per cycle 30-35 ppm
Capacity for diameter 50mm @ 3 pcs per cycle 35-40 ppm
Machine dimensions (AxBxH) 2100 x 635 x 1590 mm

The Castellvall automatic hamburger former is designed to produce a wide range of shapes and sizes of burgers, striped or plain, and interleave paper and/or cellophane cut from one single roll by the machine, from an upper and lower coil.

The 1FH-25 can also produce tridimensional shapes such as fish shapes, chicken legs shape, nuggets, etc. It is ideal to mould minced meat or pieces of meat, semi-solid doughs, vegetables, potato, fish dough, or any mouldable product, previously mixed and prepared for moulding by a stuffer.

  • Change of plates and forming accessories in just 10 minutes approx.
  • Adjustment of the air filling pressure that allows compacting the meat slightly in order to use the same plates for different meats obtaining hamburgers of the same weight.
  • Entirely built in AISI-304 stainless steel.
  • Machine constructed according to the European Directive 2006/42/CE.

The 1FH-25 is designed to be fed by a stuffer. Hamburger shapes:

  • round,
  • oval,
  • square, special designs (hearts, stars, etc.),
  • tridimensional forms (fish shape, nuggets, etc.)

Mechanical adjustment of the distance between hamburgers for the effective use of the paper. Patented low pressure filling system (only the pressure made by the stuffer) for producing spongier hamburgers.

  • Provided with wheels for easy transport (optional fixed legs).
  • The pressure of the air knockout system can be adjusted to adapt to the viscosity of the product.
  • Bottom drawer for collection of waste.
  • Paper or cellophane interleaving under and/or on top of the hamburger. The machine cuts the paper/cellophane from only one coil for the top and another roll for the bottom.
  • End of paper or cellophane coil detector that stops the machine and starts as flashing indicator light avoiding wasted work.
  • Conveyor operation in the function “cleaning”.
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning.
  • Bottom compartment for storage of forming parts.
Further Accessories
Paper / Cellophane Machine without positioning interleave paper and/or cellophane
Hydraulic Hydraulic piston plate formed
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