Vacuum meat mixer AVZ-600 Castellvall

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Vacuum meat mixer AVZ-600 Castellvall

Capacity liters 600
Installed power 4kW
Vacuum pump 1.1kW
Hydraulic pump 1.1kW
Dimensions mm 2425 x 1140 x 2040
Weight kg 2135

FINOVA as mother company of CASTELLVALL are specialized for over 25 years in the manufacture of machinery for the meat industry. Technology and innovation, in the hands of a team with highly qualified professionals, enables us to design and develop...

VACUUM KNEADERS, with double shovel. Double shaker mixing system:

  • Each one turns in opposite directions with different speeds. Suitable for every product.
  • The “Z” type shaking arms are ideal for a quick and energetic mixture (hard pastes such as cured products).
  • The methacrylate cover allows observing all the process.
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