Patty former 4000

Production 4000 pcs/h.
Feeding 220, 3 ph
Motor 0,75 Kw
Max paper dimension 135 x 135 mm
Shape - max diam - single shape 130 mm
Shape - max diam - double shape 50 mm
Dimension 1500 x 1400 x 1710 mm
Weight 155 kg

Model 4000 are a drum-type former designed to form up to 4000 patties per hour  meatballs per hour. Form round, oval, square, choppette or natural shape portions.
Our patty formers provides precise portion control of hamburgers, meatballs, fish cakes, butter, cheese and certain cookie.

  • A drum-type former gently forms the portions with minimum pressure. Homemade style patties are deposited onto the discharge conveyor with or without paper for further processing or packaging.
  • The mix is placed in the hopper and the rotating propellers gently feed the product into the cavity of the drum forming the shape and weight you require. The thickness of the product is adjustable. As the drum rotates, the piston is pushed out of the drum and a stainless steel wire strips the portion from the piston and the product is deposited onto the conveyor belt. 
  • Paddles, drum and scraper arm have quick release mechanisms for quick drum change and ease of cleaning.


Further Accessories
Option 1 Paper feeder
Option 2 Longer conveyor
Option 3 Inox conveyor
Option 4 Larger vertical hopper 80 lt
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