750 kg trawler flake ice machine Ziegra

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750 kg trawler flake ice machine Ziegra

Electricity Power 3.3kW 8.6A 400-3-50Hz 25A - Slow 2.5mm2
Condenser type Seawater cooled 350 litres/hr
Refrigerant R452A

Ziegra Eismaschinen GmbH’ which is based near Hanover in Germany has been operating since 1957. Our extensive experience has made us one of the leading specialist companies in the world, who deal exclusively with industrial ice machines and the...

The Ziegra SWE 750TW makes 750kg per 24 hours of fresh water flake ice or 600kg per 24hrs of salt water ice. It is available in both standard UK and tropical versions.


  • 750 kg per day under the condition of + 20 ° C air and + 15 ° C water
  • Ice supply to the storage system under the ice maker
  • Water supply ¾ ”BSP / 14 mm
  • Overflow sensor provided by customer
  • System pressure 2-5 bar
  • Water hardness 7.2 - 9.5 pH 6 - 14 ° dH 100 - 250 mg CaCO3 / l
  • Water temperature + 5 ° С + 30 ° С
  • The frame is made of painted steel, on request it can be made of AISI304
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