Casing holder device for all casing types FREY

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Casing holder device for all casing types FREY

Rotary speed 440-700 min
Sponge roll max speed 180 m/min
Air requirement for 700 RPM 150l/min with 6 bar
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The performance of the production of sausages in natural casings can enormously be increased by using the casing spooler DA2012/2013 from FREY. Due to the automatic spooling the time for changing casings is extremely reduced. The casing is being spooled onto the nozzle very carefully and safely. DA2012/2013 can be used for all natural casings such as sheep or hog casings.

This attachment can be used on all vacuum stuffers from FREY.

  • Customer advantages by working with natural casings
  •  Minimum times for changing casings increase the efficiency of your filling station
  • Spooling with great care: the sponge roll cares for a soft and equal power transmission while spooling natural casings.
  • Suitable for all types of natural casings
  • Easy changeable spooling roll
  • Automatic start and stop: the air pressure motor is automatically started and stopped by a tilting movement
  • Low noise level
  • Speed adjustable
  • Finish: Stainless steel
  • Most simple cleaning & compact construction
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