200 L meat trucks washing machine

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200 L meat trucks washing machine

Consumption cycle 10-15 l
Operational capacity depending on the degree of soiling 15-20 trolleys/h
Pressure 14 bar
Installed power 36/15 kW
Heating method Steam
Water tank 350 l
Dimension w x h x l (with open door) 2000 x 2800x 4700 mm

The cleaning unit can be used for cleaning big containers in all areas of the food and non-food industry.
The machine can be fully incorporated in the production process - thus less containers are circulating. Your staff is deployed more rationally and economically.

7 separate washing cycles - each individually programmed:

  1. Posititon the big box on the rotating table - the swinging door automatically closes.
  2. Pre-washing: fresh cold water (non recycled) - removal of larger dirt pieces.
  3. Main-washing: cleaning of the entire big box inside, outside and the entire bottom with 55°C warm water and chemical (automatic dosing).
  4. Rinsing: soap and tiny dirt pieces removed with at least 82°C hot water.
  5. Dripping - the big box spins automatically in the machine during the dripping phase, free water is realeased from the big box.
  6. Steam exhaust.
  7. Automatic opening of the door - the big box can be removed.


  • Simple to use, easily programmed Siemens Logo control panel
  • Temperature values shown on display
  • Separate Start-Stop bottoms on the front of the machine
  • All components fully integrated in the machine
  • No tools needed for removing the nozzel bar, easily maintained
  • Large - removable filters inside the washing cabinet (easily removed)
  • Modern design for ease of cleaning
  • Individual nozzle bars for washing both inside and outside of the Big Box
  • Washing cabinet and tank design utilizes the highest hygienic standards
  • HD centrifugal pump

Your benefits:

  • Ultra short - energy efficient cleaning processes
  • Perfect cleaning results
  • Efficient use of labor
  • Middle pressure technology as standard
  • No water remains in the big box after washing
Options Description
Chemical dosing pump
Steam exhaust
Belt filter
Heated pre-wash tank (outside of the machine)
Pre-wash device
Heated rinsing tank
Steam mixing valve for rinsing
Automatic in-out feeding system
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