Smoke cook truck washing machine

Smoke cook truck washing machine

Consumption/cycle ca.20 l rinse
Capacity (depending on degree of dirt/hour) max 15-20 / h
Washing pump 22 bar
Installed power 43 kW
Electrical connection without heating 28 kW
Tank heating electrical 36 (4 x 9) kW
Compressed air 6 bar
Dimensions in mm dxh 2800 x 3050 mm
Length with ramp 3500 mm

Smoke/Cook Truck Cleaning Unit

The cleaning unit with front charging can be used in all areas of the food and nonfood industry. It is well suited for smoking and utensil trucks as well as cheese trolley and bulk containers. Thanks to multifunctionality you can clean trucks of different kinds and sizes in one washing cycle.

The sliding door closes and opens automatically. The user-friendly controls take place via a display at the machine. With optional accessories you equip your unit individually for your needs.

Individual adjustable washing cycle with 4 phases (average duration approx. 4 minutes):

  1. Charging of the unit and closing of the sliding door
  2. Main-wash cycle (50e-60°C)
  3. Rinsing with steam mixing effect with 82°C (possibly an optional hot water rinse boiler or electric boiler)
  4. Opening of the sliding door and taking out of the truck


  • user-friendly controls and setting at the touch of a button
  • automatic complete programme control with the unit computer
  • a display shows the washing cycles and the temperatures
  • solid stainless steel construction
  • washing pump, guide rails and transport systems, roller gate and control cabinet are made of stainless steel
  • oscillating nozzle ring made of high-grade steel/ centrifugal pump made of stainless steel
  • flexible installation of the control cabinet either on the wall or on the unit
  • emergency shut off key at the machine intake
  • large and easy to take off stinless steel filter faces
  • unit for right or left operating available

Your benefits:

  • energy and cost saving
  • quick and efficient cleaning
  • unique Up&Down nozzle system removes even persistent soiling
  • kind to the environment and economical
  • easy setting of the washing steps
  • space-saving with stainless steel roller gate
Options Description
rinse boiler 30 kW (water inlet 10°C)
rinse boiler 12 kW (water inlet 50°C)
rinsing (with steam mixing valve)
tank heating (with heating coils)
buffer bano with drive (intake and outlet)
el.connection 3 x 230 V/60 Hz
medium pressure pump for 17 bar operation pressure
automatic cleaning of big-bins, lattice boxes and pallets
container cleaning with integrated inside cleaning system
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