Combined chamber 700

Combined chamber 700

Capacity smoke track kg, depending on the caliber 40-125
Installed power 8,8 kW
Heating power 7,8 kW
Sticks length (max.) 900 mm
Dimensions Mm, wxdxh 1070 x 960 x 1850 mm

Space-saving compact cabinet with built-in smoke generator to the universal unit with separate smoke generator for all smoke generation methods.

We propose smalest combined chamber in our range of the product for: 

  • drying, smoking, cooking, hot-air dry cooking, baking, showering
  • fully-automatic control with modern microprocessor technology 
  • user-friendly controls
  • ready to plug in delivery
  • for sawdust smoke and liquid smoke
  • integrated or separate smoke generation
  • low loss of weight with the proven smoke-air circulation system


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