Cookinghouses 2800

Cookinghouses 2800

Dimensions w x d x h 1580 x 1270-8870 x 2800
Cooking truck 1010 x 1030 x 2020
Electricity connection 26,3 - 209 kW
Heating power 25,2 - 201 El kW/kcal
Steam 50 - 400 kg/h
Stick length (max.) 1000 mm
Capacity 160-3200 kg

The cooking units prepare all kinds of food fully-automatic and particularly gentle with the steaming process. Natural flavouring, look and colour of the food are preserved.

Thanks to the circulation technology with vertical reversing circulation a high utilization of the unit and a consistent temperature distribution inside the unit are ensured.

  • ready to plug in delivery ex work-fast installation on the spot
  • modular design from 1-truck to 8-truck
  • robust stainless steel construction
  • fibreglass upgraded insulation
  • integrated steam generator
  • microprocessor control K-Touch 4012 available in many languages
  • all current heating methods

New developed touch screen control - and all processes always at sight

Some touches on the control panel are enough, then the microprocessor control automatically takes over: It constantly monitors and controls all the parameters and ensures a precise clima and repeatable, reliable processes.

  • Touch screen
  • Clear control
  • Simple operation
  • Microprocessor-controlled technology
  • PC networking
  • Documentation of processes
  • Stored programs are always reliable repeatable
  • Power failure protection

Built-in microprocessor as standart with three cooking processes:

  • cooking via time
  • cooking via core temperature
  • coocking via Delta-T-process

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