Dicer DicR capacity 120 FOODLOGISTIK

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Dicer DicR capacity 120 FOODLOGISTIK

Capacity up to 2 400 kg per hour
Power 6,5 - 12,7 kW
Chamber size 120 x 120 x 550 mm
Grid set´s cross section 120 x 120 mm
Cutting length 0-40 mm
Outfeed into boxes (with lift) 1814(2258) x750 (820) x1224 mm
Outfeed conveyor (with lift) 2185 x 1203 x 1594 mm
Weight 600 - 650 kg

The All-rounder perfect for slicing meats, cheeses, vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish and a variety of other products. The extra-long working chamber provides high throughput with minimal preparatory work.

Extra big cutting chambers provide cost minimization twice:

  • Substantial time saving, because annoying pre-cutting is minimized
  • Huge chamber volumes of up to 10.8 liters allows to cut more product per cycle

Numerous equipment variants available:

  • PLC with touch screen and color display or mechanical control
  • Low loading requirements thanks to lifting device for 200-liter trolleys or integrated lift for Euro boxes 
  • Discharge of cut products via outfeed conveyor or direct product outlet in 200-liter trolleys

Powerful hydraulic system as well as high-performance grid drives with ball-bearing sliding elements for particularly high loads.

Continuously adjustable knife speed with up to 400 cuts per minute available in single knife operation.

Extra solid stainless steel grid sets with four times fastening 
for hardest workload.

Pressure monitoring with infinitely variable pre-pressure control available

Perfect hygiene and easy cleaning due to sloping surfaces as well as 
drain pipe in the working chamber.

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