Dicer DicR comfort 112 FOODLOGISTIK

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Dicer DicR comfort 112 FOODLOGISTIK

Capacity up to 2100 kg per hour
Power 4.5 - 12.7 kW
Chamber size 112 x 112 x 530 mm
Grid set´s cross section 105 x 105 mm
Cutting length 0-45 mm
Outfeed into boxes (with lift) 1800 (2251) x 753 (822) x 1066 mm
Outfeed conveyor (with lift) 1688 (2140) x 686 (779) x 1066 mm
Weight 525 - 590 kg

The All-rounder perfect for slicing meats, cheeses, vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish and a variety of other products. The extra-long working chamber provides high throughput with minimal preparatory work.
Extremely versatile machine equipment:

  • Machine operation via PLC with color touch screen or via mechanical switches
  • Effortless loading by integrated lift for Euro boxes optional
  • Continuous product discharge by means of outfeed conveyor or   direct product outlet into Euro box on roller cart

Minimal space requirement due to modern and compact machine design Impressive throughput based on fast speeds of up to 300 cuts per minute in stepwise and 400 cuts per minute in continuous single blade operation Infinitely variable setting of pre-ompression and knife speed as well as pressure monitoring optional

Generously dimensioned pre-filling and working chamber

Designed for the toughest workloads and equipped with solid stainless 
steel grid sets driven by ball-bearing slide elements

Highest standard of hygiene thanks to fully welded machine frame and cutting chamber with drain pipe

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