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Conditioning | ripening | fermenting rooms

Capacity up to 100 trolleys
Temperature range +2 +40 C
Relative humidity From 80% to 95%
Heating energy Warm water
HP or LP steam
Coolant agent Freon / Frigen
Cold brine, glycol. R 64

For ripening/fermenting, drying, smoking and conditioning of raw sausage products, hams, meat, fish or cheese

  • circulation mixing unit can be placed in. behind or on top of the processing room
  • steam generation through the humidity of the product itself and also through electrical steam generation, low pressure steam or water injection via nozzles
  • step less speed control of the fan: air speed from 0.5 m/s - 15.0 m/s
  • step less control oft the changing flap motor
  • fully automatic outside air conditioning
  • cleaning through high pressure pump


Options Description
Recirculation of hot air use of heat coming out of the cooling machine through installation of a additional heat exchanger
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