Grinder head system WK132 FREY

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Grinder head system WK132 FREY

Suitable for stuffers F-Line F193WK
FREY Maschinenbau

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Professional use with innovative technology of the WK132 servodrives

Ideal for uncooked smoked and coarse sausage products of minced meat production using the technology. Grinding system FREY WK132 are designed for use as a nozzle in combination with a vacuum stuffers - FREY. New proportions can be used in the production of raw and coarse products.

Thanks to the FREY rotary pumping system, the product is pumped out and continuously sent to the grinding system. The grinding process and production time can be reduced. Before feeding the product into the loading tube, it is ground to the size of the final granulation.

The best product quality thanks to vacuum stuffers FREY in version 5A or WK in combination with a grinding head WK132

Automatic production of minced meat

  • Highest accuracy and portioning quality
  • Hygienic products with a dosing tray, the product is left without contact
  • Cutting products with paper / film
  • Belt speed infinitely adjustable using TC control


  • Available with tray loader, manual control weight or built-in reference weight
  • Grinding extension to size E130
  • Combination with tray dispenser or retractable belt.
  • All WK132 data can be set using the TC266 or TC733 syringe filler control unit.
  • All parameters of the WK132 are automatically saved to the PLC.
  • Servodriven

The WK132 top head system for performance purposes is intended for use with stuffers equipped with WK (7.1 kW) top drives 


  • mechanical trimmer, the parameters is adjusted
  • continuous and reliable separation of tendors and bones no pressure changes are necessary for accurate dosing
  • 220 mm wide portioning option available

Additional connection with BAS02 / SA or KAS options

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