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Capacity Up to 650 cuts/minute
Installed power 9 to 12 kW
Air pressure 6 Bar
Maximum length of the product to be cut 1200 mm
Maximum cross section cut product 250 x 1500 mm
Slice thickness Adjustable from 0,5 to 100 mm
Blade diameter 450 mm
Weight 1200 to 2200 kg

FINOVA as mother company of CASTELLVALL are specialized for over 25 years in the manufacture of machinery for the meat industry. Technology and innovation, in the hands of a team with highly qualified professionals, enables us to design and develop...


  • Heavy duty construction made of AISI-304 stainless steel.
  • Machine made according to the European Directive 2006/42/CE.
  • The CASTELLVALL slicer is ideal for cutting and stacking cured, cooked and raw meats as well as cheese.
  • Portioner conveyor-belt of 250mm length, separator conveyor-belt of 500mm length with automatic vertical tilt up to 70mm high.
  • Automatic and pneumatic clamp grip of product with product sensor.
  • Vertical and lateral pneumatic pusher-plates with pressure adjustable from the control panel.
  • Product presentation: stepped, stacked, stepped-stack, individual slices, “shaved-meat”, oval shapes, one row beside another, different programmable figures, etc. The number of slices in each group may be varied according to requirements, as well as the length of the portions and the separation between portions.
  • Cutting system, both circular and orbital rotation, with independent motors and independent speed control through the control panel to achieve a precise and parallel cutting.
  • Easy adjustment of all settings using the touch sensitive screen of 15″ on the control panel.
  • Equipped with automatic system of rear loading, with a high performance for products up to 1200mm. length
  • Automatic removal of residual pieces final product.
  • Detection and auto correction of incomplete packets.


  • Interleaver paper maximum 220 mm. Alternatively 2 papers of 100 mm/each in parallel.
  • Dynamic weighing scale. Weighing table length 450 mm. Width weighing table 400 mm. Speed weighing 80-100 servings / minute. Maximum weight portion 1000gr.
  • 500mm tipping discriminator conveyor-belt for rejecting the portion on upper conveyor-belt.
  • Side discriminator conveyor-belt. Width: 300 mm and length: 500mm. Side rejection in the same lower conveyor-belt.
  • 2000 mm long upper conveyor-belt for checking rejected pieces.
  • 2000 mm. long lower conveyor-belt to move portions to the thermoforming machine.
  • Portions design through collector belt insertion movements that allow presenting the product in round plates, different figures, etc.
  • Lateral displacement of 150 mm. Software portions design.
  • Fold device of slices.
  • Connection to scanner “ECO-SCANNER”.


 Slicer 650



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