Manual mincer MEW 717-E32 MADO

Manual mincer MEW 717-E32 MADO

Output per hour approx. 1200 kg
Tray volume 60 litres
Machine height (WxDxH) 520 x 930 x 1165 mm
Weight approx. 140kg
Grinder set Enterprise size 32

MADO has been fulfilling the requirements of the professionals in the butcher’s trade, meat-processing industry, rendering plants, supermarkets and gastronomy for over 50 years. They demand: Quality, Efficiency, Stability of Values . . . There...

OPTIMO Grinder free standing, complete with worm housing, Enterprise size 32 and E32 SUPERLONGLIFE cutting set with 4-winged knife and 3 mm perforated disk. Free standing model with a stainless steel underframe with a compartment for tools and 2 fixed rollers.

Tray, casing, worm housing and locking ring are made of stainless steel, worm made of stainless steel.

  • The patented mincing system achieves a very high output per hour.
  • The OPTIMO has a very large filling bowl.
  • The completely joint-free design, polished welding seams and the avoidance of corners and edges guarantee highest hygiene standards with the MEW 717.
  • Due to the exchangeability of individual components the costs for wear parts are extremely low.


  • 1 x stuffer
  • 1 x spanner for locking ring with worm pull-out device.
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Beverage industry plant engineering

Beverage industry plant engineering