Tabletop cooled grinder MEW 716-H82 MADO

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Tabletop cooled grinder MEW 716-H82 MADO

Output per hour approx. 400 kg
Tray volume 6 litres
Machine height W x D x H 475 x 750 x 445 mm
Weight: approx. 80 kg
Grinder set Unger H82

MADO has been fulfilling the requirements of the professionals in the butcher’s trade, meat-processing industry, rendering plants, supermarkets and gastronomy for over 50 years. They demand: Quality, Efficiency, Stability of Values . . . There...

ESKIMO Cooled Grinder. The feeder tray of the ESKIMO is cooled completely. Via a temperature sensor inside the machine always the optimal cooling degree is generated. Complete with removable worm housing, steel worm with portioner, pre-chamber and UNGER H82 3-pcs. cutting set incl. sickle ring knife and stainless steel disks and spacer ring 18 mm wide.

The machine is completely made of stainless steel.

Tray, casing, filling shaft, worm housing, worm shaft and locking ring are made of stainless steel.

  • The special design is perfectly suitable for modern grocery stores
  • The high output per hour of approx. 400 kg is unsurpassed with cooled mincers
  • Due to the conical feeder shaft, the stuffer is - in practice- not necessary
  • In production of minced meat the standards of hygiene are kept.


  • Portioner,
  • Stuffer,
  • Fly cover,
  • Pull-out hook and
  • Spanner for locking ring
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