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Modular rooms for sausages INCOLD

Evosystem is a range of modular cold rooms with easy assembly by the direct fastening of vertical and horizontal panels.

Integrated sanitary finishing with rounded profile in the joining among wall, floor and ceiling panels.

The high quality of the materials used, with the complete sanitary finishing, makes this line of cold rooms ideal to satisfy the most demanding segments of the market such as restaurants and pharmaceutical companies.


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Evokit is a range of mini cold rooms composed of 35 models in 2 heights, with volume from 1,8 to 12 m3.

The sanitary fi nishing is obtained by rounded profi le, in the junction between wall, fl oor and ceiling panels.

The essentiality of the components and direct fastening of the vertical and horizontal panels make the assembly easy and quick.

They are designed for a rational access, with the optimization of the internal spaces, shelvings and monoblocs.

Evokit: it fits everywhere.

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  • Perimetral joints type multi “L”, with composite angular elements consisting of 2 shells in sheet metal sandwiching injected polyurethane foam, with the same features as the panels.
  • All inside corners are rounded.

The cabinets of the multi cabinet series can be assembled in elements of 800 x 800 mm, and can be compartmentalized with modular dividers placed vertically and equipped with separate doors or half doors on two levels.

  • The doors have a net opening of 610 mm x 1700 H and the half doors have a net opening of 610 mm x 800 H, so as to facilitate insertion on special runners of wire shelves or pastries trays 40 x 60 cm or 60 x 80 cm.

The cabinets of the Multi cabinet series are produced with a height of 2030 mm and depth of 830 mm net on the inside, while the interior length will be a multiple of 800 mm + 30 mm (twice the interior radius).

  • Walls, ceiling and floor in prepainted sheet white Ral 9010.
  • Insulation in injected polyurethane foam, free from CFC.


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MultiKit is a range of 10 models of cold rooms in 2 heights and 2 thicknesses, with volume from 3 to 14 m3.

They result from the MULTI SYSTEM project and are studied for the rational use of the internal shelving and of the monobloc. The door can be placed indifferently on one of the 4 sides. 

Multikit is options always avialable for prompt delivery exworks Italy.


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Multisystem is a range of fully modular and extendable cold rooms.

Its modularity and the complete range of accessories permit the assembling with camlocks of simple and complicated project, can be extended / partitioned for future needs and permits the use of just a few different types of panels for a large number of coldrooms dimensions facilitating those distributors who work with stock of panels.


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